Simplified Stress Analysis

  • Modeled the IsoTruss grid structure as a closed, multi-cell box beam.
    1. Longitudinal members
      • Resist all axial and bending loads.
      • Stresses calculated using beam theory.
    2. Helical members
      • Carry transverse shear and torsion loads.
      • Stresses calculated using shear flow theory.


Arantix Mountain Bike


Ascend Road Bike

IsoBike IV

Frame Geometry

Frame Component



Overall Component Lengths


Top Tube

545 mm

(center to center, not horizontal)

Head Tube

98 mm


Seat Tube

450 mm

(center to top)

Chain Stay

415 mm





Head Angle



Seat Tube Angle




Description: J:\groups\isotruss\www\graphics\isobike_IV_large.jpg

IsoBike II

Video Clips (.mpg file format)

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IsoBike - Concepts

Description: IsoBike Concept #4

Description: IsoBike Concept #3

Description: IsoBike Concept #1 Homepage
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